Test your structure to identify problems and help you plan remedial action

Do you have some problems appearing in your property? Are you concerned that certain structural elements may be failing? Or do you need an investigation prior to starting some additional building work? 

Our team of expert structural engineers are qualified and trained to advise you on the type of investigation you need. We can put you in touch with companies able to complete extensive analysis to test your structure and provide comprehensive reporting to help you plan both maintenance or renewal works.

Some investigations that can be completed include:

  • Structural scans to locate hidden foundation, ducts, and voids.
  • Borescope investigation to locate buried objects.
  • Concrete hardness testing – hammer rebound surveys and delamination tests
  • Rebar location using ferrous scans and high-frequency pulse radar tools.
  • Rebar mapping
  • Tensile tests and residual stress analysis – pull-off, pull-out tests
  • Static and dynamic load testing – to test floor strength
  • Corrosion identification using half-cell potential mapping
  • Carbonation testing – test resistivity and depth
  • Pressure testing – pneumatic and hydrostatic tests
  • Concrete humidity and moisture testing  
  • Ultrasonic testing and surveys to check for subsurface cracking and other defects.
  • Dust and diamond core sampling
  • Steel coating and paint sampling

To find out more about structural investigation services simply contact one of our expert engineers today.

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