Cracking & Subsidence

We receive vast numbers of phone calls from individuals who have cracks appearing in their houses. At Martin Redston Associates we are experts in identifying the cause of these cracks and identifying what works need to be done to rectify the issues.

When investigating cracks in a building it is important to note that the area around the cracks may need to be exposed so that the underlying structure can be seen. It is also possible that a soil investigation or monitoring of the property may also need to be completed.

We can either work with your contractor or suggest a Geotechnical company that is able to complete a soil investigation. Once the investigation has been completed Martin Redston Associates will analyse the results and provide a final report.

Our reports typically include a description of the area/element in question, including its present structural condition and predicted structural integrity. Followed by an assessment of the structural works required to either resolve the problem

Should it become evident that the problem is related to subsidence and may therefore be claimable against buildings insurance we would be happy to act as your appointed consultant to work with the loss adjuster to agree repair works.

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