New Build – Domestic

Structural new build house

Building a new home from scratch can be very rewarding however, engaging the right professionals is an absolute must!

Have you ever watched an episode of Grand Designs and thought, I can do that?

As structural engineers, Martin Redston Associates can design and plan the engineering aspects of your domestic new build. We will make sure that you have solid foundations, a simple costs effective structural frame and all structural elements required for the project to be a success.

We have been designing domestic new builds for 30 years

Our structural engineering team is experienced at providing designs, plans, and consultation. They will communicate closely with you to make sure that you get the structural details and layout that you want. We will liaise accordingly and make sure we meet your requirements for cost, aesthetics, practicality, and sustainability. At Martin Redston Associates we offer a versatile service and work with your design team to achieve the finalised building that you want.

Our team has experience in working with masonry, timber, steel-framed, and reinforced concrete constructions.

The Process

There are various points in the design process for new build work that a structural engineer should become involved. We would suggest that the earlier you recruit an engineer the better. Once the architect has created a basic concept we will review the design and advise what initial requirements we have.

A Geotechnical investigation will likely be required so we will obtain a quote for you and analyse the results accordingly.

We will work in collaboration with your architect to produce a full structural design that can be constructed by your contractor. Once construction commences on site we will be available to liaise with the contractor and visit as necessary.

To find out more about our domestic new build structural engineering services contact us today.

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