Party Wall Engineers

Party wall structural engineers

In 1996 the party wall act came into effect with the purpose of preventing and resolving disputes between property owners. Anyone who intends to carry out work affecting the party wall structure must obtain consent and acknowledgement from adjoining owners. The structure could include the boundary walls or excavations near neighbouring buildings.

If the adjoining owner doesn’t wish to give consent for work then a Party Wall Surveyor will likely be required. Their role is to reach agreement between the two sides so that work can progress without severely affecting either party.

Party Wall Surveyors

It is important to note that we are not party wall surveyors. This is a specialist service so for more information please refer to the Institution of Party Wall Surveyors.

As party wall engineers, we work with your PWS to make sure an award is signed without delay or unnecessary expense. We have experience working for both the person completing work and also the adjoining owner.

Are you completing work?

When completing construction work to your property near the boundary, party wall consent should be obtained. This might involve work to the party wall, boundary wall, or excavation close to neighbouring properties.

When you instruct us to complete your structural design our team of engineering consultants will ensure that our designs comply with the 1996 Party Wall Act. If the adjoining owners surveyor asks questions or for amendments to be made we will review these and adjust our design accordingly.

Are you an adjoining owner?

Have you received a notification from your neighbour that they intend to complete work that will affect you?

We will complete a full assessment of the design engineers structural drawings and calculations. Following this we advise how the proposed work will be likely to affect you. If necessary we will make requests and observations for your party wall surveyor to use in negotiation.  

About Martin Redston Associates

Martin Redston Associates is a long established firm of structural engineers. Martin Redston started working as an independent consultant in 1993. The firm has grown in size consistently and was incorporated in 2016. Martin sadly passed away in February 2022 and the company is now run by his nephew Steve Redston. We have a strong reputation for our work in London and the surrounding areas. For more information please click here.

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