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Structural Engineers for Film and Television

  • Are you shooting on-location in a building that needs to be checked for structural stability?
  • Do you need to check temporary structures for camera and lighting rigs?
  • Are you constructing a temporary structure for filming?

It is important to be mindful of the safety of both cast and crew when filming on or around fixed and temporary structures.

Martin Redston Associates has provided engineering consultancy to the film and television industry for more than 20 years. We understand that there is a need for speed, accuracy and on many occasions, discretion.

If you’re shooting in locations such as warehouses, old or derelict buildings, country estates, office blocks, factories we can help. We can review a permanent studio setup with an elaborate temporary structure. Ultimately, we will make sure that your film or TV shoot is structurally sound. 

Ensure safe and sound structures for film and TV projects.

We carry out full surveys, inspections and extensive structural checks to ensure safety. Our engineers provide a full report to highlight any issues. They will suggest remedial work to bring the structure up to a good standard where required. 

We work with both well-established and younger TV and film production companies. Our engineers have been involved in both high profile and low key/budget work. To discuss your needs get in touch today.

We have worked with many film and television companies who require us to attend locations to establish that buildings are structurally safe for utilising in their work. This may be for actors to stand on or cameras and lighting equipment to be mounted to.

Some of the locations we have attended include Country Estates, Warehouses, office blocks, factories, parks and television studios. We have worked for a number of well known production companies and on some high profile TV programmes and films.

If you operate in this sector and feel that you may need our advise please contact us on 020 7837 5377 where our Senior Engineer Paul Smith will be able to assist with your enquiry.

Television Structural Consultation

If you need a structure for a film or TV set or for mounting cameras or lighting, we can help.

Our structural engineering team has experience of liaising with TV producers to understand your requirements and create safe, structurally sound solutions.

Our TV structural consultation services include:

  • Set surveys and reports
  • Structural checks of temporary staging or rigs
  • Construction or maintenance of stable and safe structures.

To find out more about our TV structural consultation services and discuss your needs, contact us today.

Previous Work

Below are a list of some of the film and TV productions we have provided engineering consultancy for.

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