Structural Damage Assessment

Finding the root cause of structural damage and assessing the best solutions

Is your building showing signs of damage? Has your building recently suffered a structural failure, cracking, movement, fire, flood damage, or any other event that may have undermined the integrity of the structure?

Our expert structural engineers are experienced in carrying out detailed damage assessments for buildings or infrastructure. Our engineers will inspect the damage using non-destructive techniques. If the root cause is unknown, we’ll investigate the damage thoroughly to find it. We will then provide you with a comprehensive assessment report with recommended remedial action.

Damage assessment services include:

  • On-site inspections
  • Material failure testing
  • Structural monitoring
  • Geotechnical testing including soil and borehole tests
  • Arboricultural reporting
  • Production of a report to assess damage including (where possible) root causes, technical plan, and estimated budget for remedial works.

It’s always best to rectify structural damage as soon as possible. Don’t be tempted to wait until things get to an urgent state of disrepair – contact one of our engineers today to discuss your needs.

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