What is a Structural Engineer?

The role of a Structural engineer is to design and analyse configurations of basic structural components to withstand stresses imposed through environmental conditions and human use to ensure buildings and other structures remain stable, secure and safe. We consider the strength of various materials such as timber, concrete, steel and brick to examine how their inclusion may necessitate a change of structural design. 

The below video from the Institute of Structural Engineers provides further information about the role

Who else is involved?

Structural Engineers liaise with other professionals and trades during the design process. These might include the Architect, Contractor, Surveyor, Project Manager Party Wall Surveyor and Building Control. 


The role of an Architect is to design and develop a scheme of work for a altering a building or large redevelopment schemes and advise on the restoration and conservation of old properties.


Surveyors provide professional advice on the repair and maintenance options of properties and construction sites. Their work consists of completing building surveys to identify defects and develop new buildings. A surveyor is surmised to oversee planning applications and supervise property legislation and ensure building regulations are being executed.

Project Manager

Project Managers work on specific time and budget limited projects that have precise outcomes. To ensure deadlines are met and work is completed to the correct standard they manage the risks involved in particular projects. They are trained to motivate and co-ordinate teams of different people involved in the project whilst dealing with changes to the project as necessary.

Party Wall Surveyor

Should you decide to complete any work on your property you may need to engage a Party Wall Surveyor. They will negotiate with your neighbour’s Party Wall Surveyor to get you permission

Building Control

Building Contractors engage in the planning and development of activities which coincide with the building of structures. They oversee construction and ensure all necessary measures are taken to result in the completed product. Liaising with the client and principal designers is an accustomed practice to ensure all health and safety risks are managed as everyone affected by the work is at risk (including members of the public). Construction phase plans are written recurrently before and throughout the project to review and revise it to ensure the structure meets all design and structural needs.

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