Temporary Works

Martin Redston Associates have extensive experience of completing temporary works design schemes.

What are Temporary Works?

The Health and Safety Executive provide more details of exactly what Temporary Works here.

Structural Props

A Temporary work scheme acts as an interim or supporting structure to safeguard an existing building while permanent construction work takes place. Unlike permanent building components, these are not part of the final structure itself. Usually Temporary construction is removed after permanent construction takes place. A temp design might take the form of scaffolding, propping or hoarding.

Experienced and qualified engineers should be appointed to complete temporary works. They should have the experience, knowledge and insurance to provide the required work.

How can we help?

At Martin Redston Associates we can work with your contractor to provide a cost effective and simple solution.

Speed is important for this work. Our engineer will visit the property as quickly as possible. They will review the building and assess the required temporary propping. In urgent cases and where necessary we can arrange for an engineer to visit the same day.

We will discuss with the contractor what the requirements are whilst on site. Our engineer will provide a report or Temporary work design scheme showing what support needs implementation.

We will revisit the property to review the implemented structure and check the scheme has been implemented correctly.

Sometimes there is a need to amend the scheme as the permanent work installation progresses.

Why use Martin Redston Associates

As a smaller structural engineering firm we have the versatility to act quickly. We can complete the work you require in a fast and efficient manner. Our engineers try to be proactive rather than reactive and we will work with our customers to meet their objectives.

When customers contact us we will listen to their requirements and provide the solutions they want. When changes are needed we will implement them in a fast and efficient manner.

Permanent Works

As Structural design engineers and in addition to the temporary works we are also able to help with the permanent design works too. Click here to view the other services we can offer for you.

Contact us

To discuss how we can help with your Temporary Works scheme please contact us. Call us on 020 7837 5377 or email temporaryworks@redstonassociates.co.uk

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