Structural Inspections

Structural inspection reporting

A structural inspection carried out by Martin Redston Associates typically focuses on specific items (such as cracks or other oddities). This will include a review of the area/element in question such as the present condition and predicted integrity. After our assessment we will provide a report detailing issues discovered and what needs to be done to rectify them. Included are details of the structural works required to return the building to a suitable condition. Or, where necessary, details of what should be done to retain its structural integrity during & after structural alterations taking place.

To provide complete answers to some questions, we may need some areas of the building structure to be “opened up”. Once this has been done we can investigate the structural integrity, and advise accordingly. A trial pit may need to be excavated for us to see the building foundations or a Soil Investigation requested.

We are often instructed to execute different types of specialist structural inspections and structural reports on properties. These can be for a variety of reasons including:

A real quote given to us on Trustpilot

A pre-purchase building survey uncovered some concerns that I wanted checked out by a structural engineer. Steve was prompt and informative, quickly arranging for someone experienced in my issue to come and take a look – and persevered lots of questions from me! Glyn was very informative and produced his report quickly.
  • Structural cracking - Subsidence - Structural Inspection
    Possible Subsidence
  • Possible damp - Structural Inspection
    Cracking and Damp issues
  • Structural damage - Structural Inspection
    Common cracking in an external wall
  • render cracking - Structural Inspection
    Cracking in render
  • Structural cracks - Structural Inspection
    Common internal cracking
  • Possible subsidence - Structural Inspection
    Subsidence issues

Structural Inspection near me?

From our office near Kings Cross station we can provide a structural inspection all over London and the surrounding areas. We will arrange for an engineer to visit within a few days of your instruction and aim to complete reports within 7 – 10 days. Whatever type of structural inspection you need we can provide it.

We do not need to worry about parking restrictions or vehicle access. Our engineers use public transport, walk and cycle to meetings so we are environmentally friendly too!

Types of Structural Inspection

Cracking and Subsidence structural inspections

subsidence is when the ground under a property starts to move or sink. The foundations under the building may destabilise and cause walls or floors to move. The resultant effect is that cracks may start to appear in the building.

There are many reasons why cracking and movement happen including heave, settlement or landslips. It is wrong to assume that if you have cracking you have subsidence.

Our expert engineers will diagnose the root cause of your problem and advise how to rectify.

Click here for more information for more information about cracking and subsidence

Wall Removal

Removing walls in a building is a great way to maximise the amount of usable space. Customers contact us who want to:

  • Make parts of a house ‘open plan’
  • Change the layout of a flat
  • Combine a kitchen and dining room

Our engineers will visit the property to establish if the wall in question is load bearing or not. We will advise the best way to remove the wall and produce the relevant drawings and calculations for you. We will also provide any necessary documentation for a freeholder/management company consent + building control.

RAAC Structural Inspection

Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) is a lightweight form of concrete. It wa used for construction between the 1950s and mid-1990s. RAAC is precast panels in roofs, floors and walls.

At Martin Redston Associates we have completed a number of inspections to review and report on suspected cases of RAAC. One of our experienced structural engineers can visit your property or commercial building to complete a non-intrusive inspection. Following our visit we will provide a report for you confirming if RAAC (Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) exists or not. This will include repair work or any further investigation required.

Structural Damage Inspection

Is your building showing signs of damage? Has it recently suffered a structural failure, cracking, movement, fire, flood damage, or any other event that may have undermined the integrity of the structure?

The expert engineers at Martin Redston Associates will complete a full review of the building then provide a comprehensive assessment report with recommended remedial action.

For further information of how we can help with a structural inspection please click here.

Homebuyers Report

A homebuyers survey or report is provided by a Chartered Surveyor and is a general survey for the whole property. It will likely include the condition of the structure, finishes, decorations, electrics, plumbing, drainage etc all in general terms. The survey does not specifically look at the structural elements (walls, floor joists, roof rafters etc) in detail. A homebuyers report will also likely include non-structural items such as the gas supply, insulation of the windows etc…

Unfortunately this is not a service that we offer so to find a surveyor who can provide this type of report please use the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Martin Redston Associates can provide targeted advice and reporting for specific structural elements of the homebuyers report. We can discuss requirements either by phone or email to advise of the best type of service for you. Purchasers often contact us for assistance following issue of their report.

We aim is to complete a structural inspection within 1 week and issue a structural reports within 2 weeks.

At Martin Redston Associates we can provide all manner of Structural Inspection for you. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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