Structural Materials Failure

Test your structural materials for weaknesses or problems

Have you noticed issues with your building structure? Is your brickwork or mortar breaking away or are there signs of concrete delamination? Our expert structural engineers can visit your property to provide advice on your structural materials failure. We can review the types of investigation and repair works that should take place.

Sometimes further investigations and surveys will be recommended as part of our investigation. These may include;

  • Concrete and brickwork sampling
  • Concrete delamination and hammer rebound tests
  • Brickwork and mortar inspections
  • Crack determination
  • In-situ metallography testing
  • In-situ microscopy
  • Rebar testing
  • Residual metal thickness analysis
  • Corrosion testing and analysis
  • Strain gauging and proof loading

Structural materials failure can be a major issue for a building so completing the correct investigation is important. We do not complete these investigations ourselves but we can suggest companies to speak with. Once results have been obtained we can review this information in relation to any design work we are completing.

To find out more contact one of our engineering team today.

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