Structural Refurbishment

Internal and external refurbishment

Are you considering making changes to your property but don’t want to commit to high costs before knowing what you can do? If this is you then we can help. One of our experienced engineers can visit your property and discuss the various options available to you.

Good old fashioned Consultancy!

Structural Consultancy

Whether you are getting a new kitchen installed, creating an open-plan space by removing a wall, or changing the external appearance of your home by altering the structure, you should get an inspection and assessment carried out by one of our qualified structural engineers. Whatever you are considering, an impartial opinion of the structural refurbishment implications will help you to decide.

Our engineers can highlight potential structural problems both inside and outside a property before you commence with refurbishment. We are able to advise on practically any structural matter within a domestic property but we are regularly contacted to discuss matters such as;

  • Load-bearing wall assessments
  • Chimney stack removal
  • External structure inspection
  • Guidance for repair of exterior brick or stone work
  • Large window or patio door assessments
  • Retrofit structural designs for solar panels or skylights.
  • Combining rooms to make larger spaces

The process

If you are considering booking our tailored consultancy service please contact us by phone or email to discuss your specific requirements. Once we have established what you need we will book an engineer to visit your property to meet with you. They will complete a non-intrusive inspection of the whole building, focusing specifically on the structural refurbishment changes you are considering. They will provide you with a professional opinion of the work you are considering and advise of any structural issues that can be envisaged.

Following the meeting, should you wish, we can provide a letter detailing our conversations and providing our professional opinion of any work you are looking to do. If you have further questions after our visit we are very happy to provide answers for you as required.

Ensure that your internal or external refurbishment project doesn’t cause any structural problems. Contact us today to discuss your plans.

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