Structural Checks

Ensure safe and sound structures for film and TV projects.

Are you a film or TV producer that is shooting on-location in a building that needs to be checked for structural stability? Or do you need to check temporary structures for camera and lighting rigs?

You need to be mindful of the safety of both cast and crew when filming on or around fixed and temporary structures.

As a well-established structural engineering company with experience of providing services to the film and TV industry, we can help. If you’re shooting in locations such as warehouses, old or derelict buildings, country estates, office blocks, factories, or even in a studio with an elaborate temporary structure, we can help to ensure that it is structurally sound. 

We carry out full surveys, inspections, and extensive structural checks to ensure safety. Our engineers provide a full report to highlight any issues and suggest remedial work to bring the structure up to a good standard. 

Over the years, we have worked with some well-established and well-known TV and film production companies on high-profile projects. To discuss your needs get in touch today.

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