Ground Assessment

Getting a ground investigation carried out is advisable before any structural work that involves breaking the soil or altering existing foundations. During our design or reporting process we may advise that a ground assessment or investigation is required.

Whether you plan to build, restore, or maintain structural footings/foundations Рyou need to inspect what lies beneath first. 

Versatile ground testing – low disturbance, in-situ or detailed ground assessment investigation

Below are some of the ground and site investigation services that can be completed:

  • Trial pit analysis
  • Initial soil analysis
  • Borehole inspection
  • Tree and plant root assessment
  • Ground Investigation Reports (GIR)
  • Geotechnical Design Reports (GDR)

It is likely that some of these investigations will be required as part of a design process. For instance, when completing our design of your structural basement, rear extension or loft conversion we are likely to request a soil investigation from a geotechnical company.

We can meet any domestic structural engineering ground investigation needs you may have.
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