Impact Assessment (BIA)

Get a clear picture of how your basement construction may affect surrounding buildings and the environment

Before carrying out any basement construction work, whether it is a new build or retrofit conversion, you should get a structural engineer to carry out a Basement Impact Assessment as the planning authorities will often request one.

The BIA typically involves assessment of the existing structure, ground surveys, and site investigation. The purpose of the BIA is to check that excavation works will not pose a risk to the integrity of nearby structures. It will also highlight any noise and environmental issues that may arise during construction. 

Another potential impact of building a basement is that the process of excavating earth may displace underground water,  causing disturbance to the aquifer and ground-water levels and flow.

To highlight any potential risks or environmental hazards posed by basement construction, get in touch with one of our team today to discuss getting a Basement Impact Assessment carried out.

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